Hazel is the default choice for stickmaking. Strong, nicely tapered and with varied and attractive bark markings.

Premium Grade - The best of the batch, round, well figured, well tapered and no defects. 23 - 26mm tops

Standard Grade - Very little to set these apart from their Premium counterparts - nice bark, nice taper, typically a few more knots to add character. 23 - 26mm tops

Light weight - Same as standard but 19 - 22 at the top

Heavier weight - Again , same as standard but weightier, being 27 - 32mm at the top

Working Grade - Perfectly servicable shanks, good bark but typically more knots or a few corrected defects (like "doglegs") Best suited to stag antler or other tops where the stick is to be used day to day and not exhibited. Usually 23 - 30mm tops

We will do our best to select as per your requirements with Hazel and any other ordered shanks. Put any relevant info in the Comments box at the end of the ordering process please - we will do our best to honour any requests from available stock. Please note, that with Hazel in particular, our stock is not made up 100% of "snakeskin bark" marked sticks....less than 2% of what we receive in the bulk lot is made up of these.....and it's often the case that if we select solely for bark markings, that the stick may be "let down" by some other feature, such as taper or knotting.

Premium Hzl NO STOCK: £0.00 each
Standard Hzl: £8.50 each
Light weight Hzl: £7.50 each
Heavier Hzl: £7.50 each
Working Hzl: £4.50 each

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4. Finally, we contact you, advise the preferred carriage option and request payment.


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