All the mops, fittings and compounds you'll need to work in horn, antler and related non ferrous metals.

Lustre 750g

Lustre 750g

Preparatory compound with fine abrasive content for use with sanded horn, antler and process finished non ferroues metals and plastics. Use this to initiate "shine" and progress to "Vonax" for final sparkle.

Full bar : £7.95 each
Half bar: £4.95 each

Vonax 750g

Vonax  750g

High gloss finishing compound for use following use of Lustre on horn, antler, plastics and non ferrous metals. Use in mechanised setup only. A bit like "Brasso" in a bar!!

Full bar: £7.95 each
Half bar: £4.95 each

False Noses and Pigtail adapters

Special OfferFalse Noses and Pigtail adapters

Currently on special offer!

Which is which

False noses (see top in photo) enable a bench grinder to be adapted for use as a polishing machine. Strip the guards and stones off and secure the noses (sleeve on fitting - grub screw retention). When correctly fitted mop will rotate towards you in order that any "snatch" of workpiece from your grasp propels it towards the floor and not up into your face!!!!
Guarding upon adaptation is an important safety consideration!!!
Grinders will handle all of the mop sizes we sell - for larger diameter mops simply raise the grinder on a wooden block.

Pigtails (single - bottom in photo) enable use of mops with a veice secured electric drill. Best to have one pigtail per mop as they take a very very tight grip!! Fit most domestic chucks to 1/2"
False noses are **NEW** and unused but may have light layer of surface rust

False noses ( pair ) : £10.00 each
Pigtails ( single ): £2.95 each

Loose leaf

Special OfferLoose leaf

Currently on special offer!

Mixed grade fabric mop incorporating linen and cotton. All 1" working width and in the following diameters.....

3" - smallest - best for "inside lines" on handles

6" - handy "all rounder", perfectly satisfactory for lighter grinders where you do not wish to overstress the bearings.

8" - by far the most popular mop, it's 4 inch "reach" enables most handles to be polished to the centre mark, meaning that very few "nooks" are inaccessible!!!

10" - this 1/2" working width mop in fine and "floppy" in use and reaches (flexibly) a little further than the 8" if you are doing a lot of handles.

Mop 3: £2.50 each
Mop 6: £6.95 each
Mop 8: £9.95 each
Mop 10: £4.95 each

8 inch VFA

Special Offer8 inch VFA

Currently on special offer!

4 lap Scotchbrite (VFA) mop, produces "satin" like surface effect when used gently on horn, saves a lot of time on sandpapering!!!

The COARSE mop is ideal for stripping back natural weathered surface on cow horns prior to polishing.

Both of these items when run on a polisher or grinder motor do a great , timesaving job, BUT have the ability to cause significant abrasive damage to your fingers / skin and also generate dust. Due care and appropriate protective clothing and dust extraction should be used!!!!

Scotchbrite ( VFA ) fine grade mop: £7.50 each
Scotchbrite COARSE mop: £7.50 each

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