Our 20+ years experience in handling several tonnes of Scottish Red Stag antler each year assures you of the best of selectable stock from which every order is carefully and knowledgably fulfilled.

Stag Crowns / Coronet handles

Stag Crowns / Coronet handles

Nice angled position ( tine to beam )
Round and thickwalled on the base, generally just either side of an inch ( 25mm ) in cross section, good thick walled material and well coloured / figured. 70% of these pieces are "cast" Undamaged, flawless.

Greater variation in angle of tine to beam, perhaps a little thinner in the walls. 70% of these pieces are "cut" ( from cull stags ). Good serviceable material, no damage. Round in cross section

Tines lend themselves to trimming, bases perhaps a little oval ( correctable with use of spacer )
May be a little washed out looking owing to weathering. Almost all material is "cut" ( from cull animals ) and some pedicles may have sawcut damage. Includes "double brows" ( often favoured for carvings ).

Premium Crown: £10.95 each
Standard Crown: £8.95 each
Slight second Crown: £6.50 each



Thumbstick pieces from the best of stock.
Feel free to specify your preferred material diameter ( put in comments field at end of ordering process ).
We cut all stag handles larger than required, so trimming will be required to get them to ideal size....this ensures that you get the shape that you want, trimming it out from an "overly adequate" starting shape.

"Premium" - very best available material with fine even rich colouring and balance. Round cross section on cut base and particularly thick walls.

"Standard" - Well shaped with good colour, balance and round cross section.

"Slight seconds" - serviceable pieces that will make decent thumb handles but will commonly have one slightly non standard prong and may possibly be a bit oval on the base - a feature easily rectified with fitting of a spacers which will enable the "rounding" of the base ahead of fitting to a shank.

Specific shapes may be accomodated subject to stock.

Premium fork : £10.95 each
Standard Fork: £7.95 each
Slight second fork: £4.75 each

Whole antler Premium Grade

Whole antler Premium Grade

**NOT** suitable for stickmaking.

The very best of (predominately) cast material, rich dark colours, clean, well defined crowns. Sizes, pairings, shapes to your request or personal selection where possible.
Various categories/ prices £POA per kg to suit the requirements of the project.

We have a good client base of people involved in interior design and the manufacture of light fittings, furniture and chandeliers etc. By virtue of that we have an excellent understanding of the aesthetics of what's required for that type of and discuss your requirements!!!!
( 0774 810 5415 )

PREMIUM WHOLE ANTLER per kg / each POA : £0.00 each

Roe Antler

Roe Antler

Roebuck antlers.
(Click on image for more detailed view of typical stock )

We carry a huge , diverse stock of Roe antler.

Large - With very full "purled" figuring and branching, most suited to stick tops, should you require Roe for that purpose.

Medium - Again very well figured, a little smaller in overall proportion to the "large" variety, selected pieces still suitable for stick tops but best suited to Sgian Dubh and craft blade fittings ( cheese knives, letter openers, bottle openers, magnifier handles )

Smaller - For smaller craft blade, general craft use and Kilt pins.

Bulk and trade orders catered for with ease.....enquire with us please.

Large SOLD OUT PRESENTLY: £0.00 each
Roe Medium: £4.95 each
Roe Small: £2.45 each

Ordering - How it Works

1. Browse the categories, adding the items that interest you to the cart. 

2. Submit the order to us with your full contact details. 

3. We assess the order and  calculate the most cost effective carriage option.

4. Finally, we contact you, advise the preferred carriage option and request payment.


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