Super hardwearing "Ultra" ferrules and traditional "Alpine" spikes. Largest range of these fundamental fittings to be found anywhere in the world at unbeatable rates.




Antique finished brass ferrules with solid 4mm thick base. "A lifetime's wear" in each piece, individually machined from solid stock, no joints, no seams or welds. These are our own unique product - you will find no better durable ferrule anywhere on the market today. From 10mm - 25mm, choose from selection / packs listed below.
10mm and 12mm pieces are particularly useful for smaller and delicate sticks and in the refurbishment of antique canes.
Huge stocks available - enquire with us of trade supply is of interest!

Ultra 10mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 12mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 15mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 16mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 17.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 18.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 19.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 20.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 21.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 22.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 23.5mm: £1.20 each
Ultra 25mm: £1.20 each
Ultra Sml Mix pack ( 10 ) : £11.45 each
Ultra Sml Mix pack ( 25 ) : £26.95 each
Ultra Med Mix pack ( 10 ) : £11.45 each
Ultra Med Mix pack ( 25 ) : £26.95 each
Ultra Lge Mix pack ( 10 ) : £11.45 each
Ultra Lge Mix pack ( 25 ) : £26.95 each



Iron Alpines with bright Nickel finish, measured on the top o/d with robust cross staked centre spike and side wall drilled to accept small panel pin to retain. Alpines are much sought after for shooting sticks assisting in having the stick driven into the ground "at the peg" and for general country use. Comprehensive range of sizes available, sold individually, in value packs or by the box (50). Huge stock of our own made product - trade enquiries welcome!

Alpine 17mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 18mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 19mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 20mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 21mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 22mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 23mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 24mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 25mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 26mm: £1.75 each
Alpine 27mm: £1.75 each
Alpine (10) Sml 17/19: £13.95 each
Alpine (10) Med 20/24: £13.95 each
Alpine (10) Lge 25/27: £13.95 each

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3. We assess the order and  calculate the most cost effective carriage option.

4. Finally, we contact you, advise the preferred carriage option and request payment.


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