As Europe's foremost importers of quality Water Buffalo Horn, we carry a huge, diverse, quality stock, enabling us to cater to a wide variety of niche market requirements. We can cater for any requirement, from a single horn to a container load. Stock is held as solid tips, whole horns, hollows, plates ( scales ), strips and rollers (dowels). Whilst the main demand is for "stickmaking" there are few uses we haven't heard of or catered for. The main categories of Buffalo horn as a raw material are listed below. If you perhaps require material for something a little different, drop us an E mail and we shall be glad to assist.

Grade B Buffalo horn tips

Grade  B Buffalo horn tips

Most of the comments concerning Grade "A" horns are relevant to Grade"B" horns, but the following points apply.
Grade"B" horns are generally thinner - this means that they will either make lighter weight handles or working handles, where the presence of "weathered" surface in the finished item is not an issue.

Grade "B" horns will all have a good handle "in them", but it takes a lot more work to bring it out - often as they have one "dimpled" side. If you feel that you have the experience to heat and "bulk" them, then Grade"B's" offer you a more cost effective material to potentially almost the same results.

Grade "B" horns are almost always a little irregular in shape ( they may, but do not always deviate from the perfect "crescent" norm )

Grade "B" horns are popular with our wholesale resellers that take their stickmaking wares around the stickmaking Summer Shows and Gamefairs, as, in these circumstances, the buyers get the chance to handle each piece before buying and therefore achieve the best balance between suitability and cost. If this is your interest in purchasing - £contact us and discuss modest wholesale supply.

10 Packs will comprise an even mix of stated lengths, generously measured and prices are DELIVERED

10 x Buffalo tips Grade B 12-14: £44.95 each
10 x Buffalo tips Grade B 15 -17: £64.95 each

Half Head Horns

Half Head Horns

As the photo implies, "Half Head Horns" are short, stubby horns, suited to pistol grip or "Cardigan" type handles. These are generally from open grained Chinese "Paddy Field" type Water Buffalo ( "Swamp Buffalo"). For most stickmakers, required heating and shaping may, at most, entail putting more of a 90 degree "kick" into the horn than the angle formed by their typical, gentle curvature ( as photo) has already provided. This can be achieved with gentle ( hot air gun ) applied heat and minimal tools, although use of a back plate is recommended in order that the formation of angle can be correct in both vertical and horizontal axes.

These horns are heavier and therefore more expensive ( material is bought by weight).

A special comment on "grain". "Swamp" Buffalo horn doesn't have as tight knitted grain as Indian ( "River" type buffalo), so, when you "break into it" ( cutting, carving, Dremel, knife, rasp, whatever ) - then when you leave the work ( open to the air) between stages, it is good practice to coat it with Walnut oil or Mustard Seed oil, taken to "luke warm" in a pan to reduce it's viscosity and then painted on. This will not detract from the piece's potential to take a shine when complete, but WILL prevent hairline cracks appearing. Avoid strong direct sunlight on half worked buffalo horn - leave it somewhere cold, dark, ventilated between work stages.

Stock is generally limited - you may care to enquire by phone ahead of ordering to enable us to match your requirements with stock to hand.

SMALL - Suitable for small conical handles / small Cardigan handles
MEDIUM - Suitable for Cardigan handles / decent half heads with some carved detail ( Labrador head etc)
LARGE - Suitable for elaborate carved handles or plinth mounted standalone carved items
ENORMOUS - These could be 20" on the outer arc and 4" x 2" on the base and weigh several kilos. The grain is correspondingly "large" / "wide open" / "prominent". We usually sell material like this into the gun trade for "fore end" and other "stock" work, it's attraction being the prominence of the grain. Few and far between - £enquire.

Half Head Buffalo horn small: £9.00 each
Half Head Buffalo horn medium: £17.00 each
Half Head Buffalo horn large: £37.00 each
Half Head Buffalo horn XXL £enquire: £0.00 each

Buffalo horn tips Suitable for Bow Nocks

Buffalo horn tips Suitable for Bow Nocks

These are shorter ( sub 8" up to 14" ) tips which, buy virtue of their decent, fuller cross section and short length are best suited to cutting into appropriate lengths for fashioning into longbow nocks in traditional patterns.
The rates stated are for typical hobbyist / ad hoc small business purchases. If you need more, we can easily cater to this - contact us for a quote.

You may be tempted to buy our Craft Grade Buffalo ( it's cheaper ). You WILL get nocks from this but you will also have loads of throwaway stuff as they are thinner. Further selection of Craft Grade is NOT possible - they are what they are.....buy nock grade material for making nocks....it’s the BEST option. We are 30+ years supplying this material - graded and presented as best suited to the trade.
Some horns have paint on them - effectively a "stock mark" ( mark of ownership ) at source in India - harmless and superficial ( the good stuff is just underneath)

Buffalo for nocks 5kg (Del): £62.95 each
Buffalo for nocks 10kg (Del): £115.00 each
Buffalo for nocks BULK £enquire: £0.00 each

Ordering - How it Works

1. Browse the categories, adding the items that interest you to the cart. 

2. Submit the order to us with your full contact details. 

3. We assess the order and  calculate the most cost effective carriage option.

4. Finally, we contact you, advise the preferred carriage option and request payment.


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